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Yanmar launches next-gen mini excavators

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Source: Yanmar Compact Equipment)

Yanmar Compact Equipment recently introduced a new generation of its ViO17 and ViO25 mini excavators, the ViO17-1E and ViO25-6B. The ViO17-1E is best suited for residential work, landscaping and small general construction projects, while the ViO25-6B offers additional power and size to add building maintenance projects, irrigation, plumbing pipeline and other such tasks to its repertoire.

The ViO17-1E offers a 4,023-pound operating weight and 14.5-horsepower engine while the ViO25-6B features a 5,908-pound operating weight and 20.4-horsepower engine. The models feature dig depths of 7 feet, 7 inches for the ViO17-1E and 10 feet for the ViO25-6B. Both feature true zero tail swing technology.

An added feature on the ViO17-1E is a retractable undercarriage that allows operators to hydraulically extend and retract the track width, making it easier for the machine to access narrow jobsites.

The machines are equipped with standard PTO quick-connect fittings that allow for quick hookup or switching between attachments, and an upgraded LED boom light that is integrated into the boom can shine directly onto the work area so operators can easily see what needs to be done.

To minimize operator fatigue and further improve efficiency, the mini excavators also include a new seat and other creature comforts such as an ergonomic throttle and better display positions for easy access. With intuitive controls, operators will also be able to improve efficiency with less training time needed.

The ViO25-6B also includes ECO Mode, Auto-Decel Mode and auto shift two-speed travel as standard features, as well as SmartAssist Remote, Yanmar’s telematics system





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