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Volvo Truck introduces new electric concept for construction, other heavy applications

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December 17, 2019 by On-Site Staff


Volvo Trucks recently started selling an electric truck designed for urban transportation. A new concept aims to take the company even further into the growing markets for electrics.

The Sweden-based manufacturer said Dec. 10 it has developed electric concept trucks for both construction and regional distribution operations.

“We see great potential for heavy-duty electric trucks for regional transport and construction in the longer term,” Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks, said in a release. “With our concept trucks, we aim to explore and demonstrate different solutions for the future while evaluating the level of interest in the market and in society. To increase demand for electrified trucks, the charging infrastructure needs to be rapidly expanded, while stronger financial incentives must be created for hauliers who act as pioneers by choosing new vehicles with a lower environmental and climate footprint.”

Running more quietly than their gas or diesel counterparts and emitting zero exhaust emissions, the trucks will improve the environment on job sites and make more deliveries possible without disturbing others in the area, the company said. The electric engines will also translate to fewer carbon emissions — so long as the electricity grid used to charge the trucks is sufficiently clean.

Though electrification remains in its early stages in the construction industry, Volvo is continuing to advance its technology. It noted the speed of electrification will depend on a range of factors, including the expansion of charging infrastructure and financial incentives that allow companies to invest in new equipment.

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