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Volvo CE rehandling wheel loader

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Volvo Construction Equipment)

Volvo Construction Equipment has taken its L180H, swapped in larger 875/65 R29 tires and a long boom, added a rehandling counterweight, and created a new truck-loading variation called the L180 3-Pass Rehandler. The company says the machine is designed for rehandling applications, with a higher tipping load, better fuel efficiency and longer reach to fill a truck in three passes.

“We’ve had this concept in mind for several years,” said Eric Yeomans, product manager for wheel loaders at Volvo CE. “The new L180 3-Pass Rehandler will take operators to the next level of loading efficiency. It’s exciting to introduce this game-changer to the market and see the response.”

The manufacturers says the larger tires provide lateral traction and flotation, durability and resistance to cuts and impacts, while the long boom brings an additional 675 lbf in breakout force and an additional two feet of dump clearance. The longer reach also allows the operator to stay farther from the truck while still dumping material into the centre of the dump box.

“The worst thing you can have is the load sitting toward one side of the truck, because when you drive around a corner you run the risk of the material spilling out,” said Yeomans.

The machine’s configuration also decreases the risk of wheel spin and better protects the tires because operators can stay farther from the pile where the ground is less stable and away from rocks that can damage the tires.

“These tires are what we typically spec for our larger L220 and L260 wheel loaders, so the added traction and rimpull are really noticeable in the L180 size,” added Yeomans.

The rehandling counterweight allows for a bucket that is approximately 0.25 cubic yards (0.19 cubic metres) larger than that on a standard L180H. Customers can choose between four different buckets to find the right fit based on material density: 6.3 cubic yards, 6.8 cubic yards, 7.2 cubic yards and 7.6 cubic yards (4.8 cubic metres, 5.2 cubic metres, 5.5 cubic metres and 5.8 cubic metres).

“The goal is to make three full bucket passes to maximize productivity and fuel efficiency,” said Yeomans. “No more wasting time on two full buckets and a partial bucket with a larger machine, or several passes with a smaller one.”

Cycle times are also improved by the higher reach because the operator doesn’t have to roll the bucket back to move away from the truck, especially when dumping the last bucket. The L180 3-Pass Rehandler supports a variety of Volvo services, including Load Assist with On-Board Weighing, Connected Map and ActiveCare Direct advanced telematics.




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