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Volvo CE launches Haul Assist for select models

By On-Site Magazine   


Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its Haul Assist system for select articulated hauler models. The system comes standard on the A35G through A60H, and it optional on the A25G and A30G models. Haul Assist is integrated with the company’s On-Board Weighing system, which measures payload. Operators are able to monitor all relevant information through the in-cab Volvo Co-Pilot (10-in.) touch screen. A productivity view gives the operator an overview of the current machine productivity status — including tons per hour, tons per gallon or liter, carry-back and payload utilization — all of which can be monitored at any time. Haul Assist data can be used to create and send a productivity report automatically or manually. The data can be stored in the cloud and accessed remotely, or it can be exported using a USB for complete hauling management.


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