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Vermeer upgrades its truck vac line

By Rob Blackstien   

Equipment Trucks

The XVT300 is a lightweight model with a low profile, but is powerful enough for demanding soft excavation applications.


Vermeer has released the VXT300 truck-mounted vacuum excavator, featuring a 6.1-m³ spoil tank, 15-cm dig tube and 3.028 L water capacity. Designed to maximize productivity, it’s one of the lightest truck vacs in its class, the company says, and features an overall height of just 3.51 m for efficient transportation of spoils from jobsite to dumpsite.

The VXT300 will replace the VXT8 Mega vacuum excavator, a product we discussed in our feature about vacuum excavators last year.

“It’s a midsized PTO vacuum excavator for utility contractors working on projects where several holes need to be dug and for drilling crews using large volumes of drilling fluid,” says Jake Jeffords, director of sales, marketing and global accounts at Vermeer MV Solutions. “It is also a great fit for municipalities and contractors working on sites that only allow for soft digging methods, such as solar farms and data centres.”

It’s built on a Kenworth T370 truck chassis with a 261-kW diesel engine and a 6-speed automatic 3,000 RDS Allison transmission.


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