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Unicontrol automatic grade control

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

(Photo courtesy of Unicontrol)

Unicontrol has launched its Automatic Grade Control system, which can be used on any type of dozer. The company says this latest enhancement to its Unicontrol3D solution represents a leap forward in grading simplicity and efficiency for existing and new users globally. The system is designed to integrate with a user’s existing fleet, using real-time 3D guidance and six-way blade control for precise operation via the system’s integrated joystick.

The automatic grading control allows the operators to set a desired slope or grade reference, and automatically hold that reference with the dozer blade. By automatically adjusting the blade height and tilt, the system enables operators to achieve and maintain a smooth surface, slope or grade.

Using a familiar android system and a portable wireless screen, the system’s interface has been designed to be user-friendly with easy access to menus and data.

The control system automates the process of providing high-quality grading and efficient operations using guidance from a GNSS system and high accuracy sensors to ensure the work aligns with 3D design files. The system also uses fast-tracking sensors to allow the operator to closely monitor the movement of the dozer blade to obtain highly accurate grading control, even on complex surfaces.

“The Automatic Grade Control is not just an incremental update but a substantial enhancement to our intuitive solution portfolio. It’s designed to provide state-of-the-art, adaptable dozer technology directly to our end-users,” stated Ehsan Ekhlas, founder and chief commercial officer of Unicontrol.




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