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Ulti-Grit diamond blades

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction’s Ulti-Grit blades use optimal diamond distribution to leave fewer gaps, creating less vibration during use.

(Photo courtesy of Husqvarna Construction)

Husqvarna Construction’s Ulti-Grit series of diamond blades for flat saws uses the company’s latest advances in controlled diamond distribution to increase cutting speeds and extend blade life. The manufacturer says the design of the new blades uses optimal diamond distribution to leave fewer gaps, eliminating uncovered spaces and creating less vibration during use.

The company offers three blades to cover a wide range of applications. The Elite-Cut F1505 is from its Gold series and is designed to provide optimal performance with 50 to 70 HP flat saws used for industrial and commercial applications, from floors to bridge decks. The Elite-Cut F1510 is also from the Gold series and is an optimal choice for high HP flat saws used in commercial, industrial and highway applications. The segment design has an inverted rooftop to facilitate starts and performance.

The Vari-Cut F915 is from the Silver series and is engineered for fast cutting of hard river rock with medium reinforcement. It is suited to 50 to 70HP flat saws used in commercial service applications like trench cutting and removal.



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