On-Site Magazine

Ty-Rail configurations offer adaptability, time savings

By Jillian Morgan   

Haver & Boecker has introduced additional configurations of its Ty-Rail quick-tensioning system for screen media. Ty-Rail now comes standard on all new F-Class and T-Class machines with three-bend tension rails. The company engineered two angle box designs for reverse and tight areas. The reverse design allows maintenance technicians to loosen and remove bolts from the inside of the vibrating screen. The tight-area design flips the angle box 180 degrees from the standard angle box configuration to allow producers to loosen the bolts and drop the angle box gate. A reinforced strap secures the gate during screen media change-out. Each Ty-Rail package includes two tension rails, eight angle boxes, eight bolts and hardware required to change one screen section. Once installed, each rail becomes a singular, removable piece since the bolts remain attached to the rail, and the angle boxes remain attached to the vibrating screen.


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