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Terex CTL 272-18 jib tower crane offers maximum jib length of 61 metres

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From Terex Cranes, the CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane features a 61 metre maximum jib length, 270-ton-metre load moment and maximum full-length load of 2.9 tons. The crane offers seven different jib configurations from 30 to 61 metres. Equipped with an independent safety line and galvanized jib walkways, the crane aims to deliver safe work at height and a long service life. It also includes a 5.8 metre counter jib. CTL 272-18 offers a 84.4 metre maximum freestanding height. The tower design can be configured using a combination of the 1.9 metre H20, 2.3 metre HD23 and the 2.37 metre TS212 tower masts.


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