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Temporary roof system

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Construction Materials

Concrete waterproofing system manufacturer Alchemco has introduced its DuraTite Temporary Roof System to allow construction to proceed while waiting on the arrival of the permanent roofing materials.

The system is designed to help contractors navigate such issues as ongoing supply chain delays which, over the past year, have seen some deliveries of roofing materials happening six to nine months later than planned.

The company’s DuraTite product line is a waterproofing and surface protection solution designed to plug an existing construction leak or lay new concrete. Its new Temporary Roof System takes that several steps further, providing a very quick and inexpensive way for concrete roof decks to be “dried in” for up to a year so framers, electricians, plumbers and other construction workers can continue work inside the building while they wait for permanent roofing materials to arrive.

In addition to the roof system, the product line also includes Crystalline Admix, which is designed to block the passage of water when added to concrete or mortar; DuraTite Foundation, which blocks water when applied to the surface and ensures permanent water tightness; DuraTite Plug, a fast-acting hydraulic cement plug that stops actively-flowing water so leaks can be repaired; and DuraTite Repair Mortar, a quick-setting, ready-to-use repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications.




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