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Telescopic service crane

December 6, 2021   Adam Freill

The Stellar 7630 crane from Stellar Industries.The Stellar 7630 crane from Stellar Industries.

The Stellar 7630 crane from Stellar Industries offers a maximum lifting capacity of 7,500 pounds, a maximum horizontal reach of 30 feet and a maximum vertical lift height of 31.75 feet from the crane base.

The recently redesigned model includes a boom with an octagon design and a boom tip that has been decreased in size, allowing the crane to be used in smaller spaces. Elevation ranges from -10º to 80º.

It has a stowed height of 37 3/4″ and uses the Stellar CDTplus radio control, a handheld transmitter with an over-molded rubber bumper system, for all functions. The control features an LCD display to provide the operator with such feedback as real-time load capacity, maximum distance with the current load, boom angle and percentage of load.