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Smooth CTL turf tracks

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

(Source: ASV Holdings)

ASV Holdings Inc. offers smooth turf tracks for designed to minimize damage to soft, delicate surfaces from compact track loaders. With a combination of greater ground surface area and ASV’s Posi-Track undercarriage, the turf tracks are designed to achieve equal or better traction than treaded tracks on dry surfaces while minimizing damage to topsoil and root systems.

The distinctive green turf tracks have a completely smooth design and are manufactured from a specialized rubber blend that resists cracking, provides traction and maximizes overall life. The tracks eliminate rusting and corrosion because they contain no steel cords.

The tracks, which use seven layers of embedded puncture, cut and stretch-resistant material for durability, are available for the company’s RT-25, RT-40, RT-50, RT-65 and VT-70 High-Output models.




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