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Side-dump trailer

By Adam Freill   


The XL 60 Side Dump from XL Specialized Trailers is available in two- and three-axle designs and offers a capacity of 23 cubic yards water level and 33 cubic yards strike-off. The XL 60 SD2-37 has an overall length of 39 feet 8 inches, while the XL 60 SD3-37 comes in at 41 feet 9 inches. Both measure 102 inches wide and offer a capacity of 60,000 pounds.

Designed with safety in mind, the trailer includes tub hooks on each side. When one side is disengaged, the other side automatically engages, ensuring the tub is always secure. The electric mesh tarp system also prevents the tub from dumping when it is covered.

The XL Side Dump is offered in black, International Harvester red or CAT yellow.



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