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Safe walk-behind trowels

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December 9, 2014 by On-Site

Wacker Neuson's CT walk-behind trowels.

Wacker Neuson offers a complete line of walk-behind trowels that range from edging, standard, high-horsepower and variable speeds units. The CT walk-behind line is designed to provide extra protection from an out-of-control spinning handle. When the operator lets go of the handle, a gyroscopic safety sensor detects the motion of the handle and stops the engine before the handle reaches a 45-degree rotation. Both the CT 36 and CT48 models are available with either a Honda or Wacker Neuson engine. They also offer a higher horsepower option, which provides better torque for low speed floating and additional weight for operators who prefer a heavier trowel. www.wackerneuson.com


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