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Project management software for Construction 4.0

By Adam Freill   


Construction project management software firm InEight Inc. has announced a number of platform enhancements aimed at equipping capital project owners and contractors with intelligent data to assist with decision making.

Integration with SiteSense from Intelliwave Technologies has InEight’s open platform incorporating a solution for digital supply chain, materials management, and tracking of project materials and equipment to enable a holistic overview of project assets and create dynamic, data-driven capital project schedules and budgets.

Additional integrated enhancements offer a complete view of construction projects by unifying data from the back office to the job site and across the project lifecycle with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Real-time photos and video of projects are available for licensed EarthCam customers, and the exchange of data between InEight and Ryvit’s Viewpoint Vista is also possible.

“The embrace of digitalization in the construction industry, often described as Construction 4.0, is only accelerating thanks to recent trends like remote work, sustainability and supply chain shortages,” said Brad Barth, chief product officer at InEight. “Our open, integrated and secure construction management platform is enabling this transformation with an all-digital approach from project conception through asset turnover. Owners and contractors alike can create more realistic plans, budgets and schedules, informed by the collective knowledge of previous projects, and then execute those projects with full visibility to risks and expected outcomes.”




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