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Procore Connected Preconstruction

By Adam Freill   

Construction Software

(Image courtesy of Procore)

As the construction industry has transitioned to a more integrated approach where coordination between teams is crucial, Procore is addressing the challenges of preconstruction with its launch of Connected Preconstruction. Connected Preconstruction unifies key preconstruction processes, such as BIM, coordination, estimating, bidding, and more, on one centralized platform. This helps facilitate collaboration, streamline and automate processes, centralize access to data, and improve project outcomes, says the company.

Using Connected Preconstruction, a general contractor can access historical data within Procore to develop an initial preliminary estimate, recommend design changes and instantly receive revised documents from architects and others working on the project.

Plans, models, specifications, and other documents are all available in the same place and can be used to create takeoffs in both 2D and 3D. Those takeoffs can be turned into a cost estimate, which can be tied to a catalogue of costs. Users can also automatically create bid scope directly from the preliminary estimate.

The system can also be used to add a preferred list of bidders to the project, and see which specialty contractors are prequalified directly. During bid leveling, prequalification and past project data are visible in Procore to add additional insight.

Selected bids can be easily synced back into the estimate to automatically update cost data and automate the creation of contracts.

Procore says that by automating processes, centralizing data, and eliminating redundant tasks, users are able to save valuable time, minimize errors, and improve project outcomes.




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