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November 4, 2013   By On-Site

Terexs TW85 wheeled excavator.Terexs TW85 wheeled excavator.

Terex’s TW85 and TW110 wheeled excavators are ideal for urban applications where contractors want dedicated excavators for lifting, digging and laying pipes. The Tier 4-compliant, 91-hp TW85 wheeled excavator boasts an operating weight of 18,519 lb., a maximum digging depth of 13 ft. 5 in., a maximum reach of 24 ft. 10 in. and bucket capacities from 3.1 to 12.3 ft3. The 102-hp TW110 wheeled excavator has an operating weight of 24,229 lb., a maximum digging depth of 14 ft. 2 in., a maximum reach of 27 ft. 3 in. and bucket capacities of 5.26 to 16.85 ft3. www.terex.com.

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