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May 31, 2013   By On-Site

Vertical and horizontal drillingVertical and horizontal drilling

The Minnich Manufacturing A-1 Utility Drill is designed for concrete drilling applications for small-scale and large-scale utility contractors. It is lightweight and can drill vertically and horizontally. The drill is available in two models – the A-1-24 UTL and the A-1-30 UTL. Both models are powerful, compact, and designed for concrete drilling in confined spaces. The A-1-24 UTL has an operating weight of 75 lb. and can reach a drill depth of 7 in. with a cutout width of 24 in. The A-1-30 UTL features an operating weight of 80 lb. and can reach a drill depth of 10 in. with a cutout width of 30 inches. Both units require 32 standard cubic feet per minute and are available with an optional dust collection system to minimize flying debris on the jobsite. www.minnich-mfg.com

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