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Pettibone tower for telehandlers

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

Pettibone's 10-foot vertical mast tower is compatible with its Traverse T1256X and T1246X, and Extendo 1256X and 1246X telehandlers.

(Source: Pettibone)

Pettibone offers a 10-foot vertical mast tower that is compatible with its 12,000-pound-capacity telehandlers: the Traverse T1256X and T1246X, and Extendo 1256X and 1246X.

Powered by standard auxiliary hydraulics, the tower attachment provides 10 feet of additional lift height for applications that require it. The tower mounts on a quick disconnect system, making it easy to swap in and out with other attachments.

For optimal safety, the tower requires that the telehandler be equipped with solid foam or tires, as well as outriggers, which come standard on the Pettibone Traverse T1256X and Extendo 1256X.




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