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On-site storage and refuelling tanks

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Western Global)

Western Global’s TransCube Global is a transportable, double-walled, cube-shaped fuel tank designed specifically for auxiliary fuel supply and efficient on-site refuelling. The cube-shaped tanks feature 110-per cent fluid containment and meet global transportation standards to provide safe fuel transport anywhere it’s needed.

“Nearly all construction equipment, from generators to loaders to trucks, relies on diesel,” said John Cleary, Western Global president of sales. “Effectively managing an on-site fuel supply can save a business thousands of dollars per year as well as countless man-hours, making the TransCube Global a valuable asset for any equipment fleet.”

The tanks have feed and return ports to fuel as many as three pieces of equipment simultaneously, making them a versatile auxiliary fuel tank. A lockable equipment cabinet secures equipment ports and pumps to prevent unauthorized access and deter theft.

The tank’s shape and design allow users to easily transport them on truck beds and trailers as well as in standard shipping containers. Unlike round tanks, the TransCube can be stacked up to three high when empty and two high when full, minimizing space consumption. The tanks are also equipped with four-way forklift pockets and reinforced corner brackets for lifting with a crane, resulting in added versatility when moving tanks around a jobsite.

Available in capacities ranging from 132 U.S. gallons (500 litres) to 1,242 U.S. gallons (4,701 litres), the tanks can be used with the manufacturer’s advanced fuel monitoring systems to help businesses remotely track fuel supplies.




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