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New Panasonic Toughbook 55 offers modular expansion packs to boost flexibility

By On-Site Staff   



Panasonic has unveiled the latest iteration of its rugged mobile computer designed for tough environments such as the job site.

The company says its Toughbook 55 raises the bar when it comes to versatility, technology, performance and ruggedness. It also brings considerable flexibility to the table with modular expansion packs and accessories that let customers customize their laptop. A few of the options include: I/O ports, a fingerprint reader, dedicated graphics or a second storage drive.

The Toughbook 55 can be outfitted with AMD dedicated graphics and the latest Intel 8th-generation quad core i5 and i7 processors.

The updated laptop has the longest battery life of any Toughbook released to date and lets users “hot-swap” batteries — switching over to a new battery without powering down the device.

At the same time, Panasonic says the laptop is also the thinnest and lightest in its class.


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