On-Site Magazine

Monitor concrete remotely with LumiNode Plus

By Rob Blackstien   


AOMS Technologies has beefed up its LumiCon Smart Construction Platform product suite with the release of the LumiNode Plus concrete sensing solution.

The system allows users to connect directly to the cloud so they can remotely monitor concrete, save money and improve the efficiency, quality and safety of projects.

By allowing concrete project companies to instantly stream concrete temperature and maturity data directly to the cloud, the LumiNode Plus eliminates the need for network gateways, repeaters or signal boosters. Therefore the capital costs of concrete monitoring are significantly reduced thanks to this solution.

“With LumiNode Plus, contractors can access critical information on concrete temperature and maturity data from anywhere in the world and on any device, so they can make informed, efficient decisions, ultimately saving project time and cost,” said Amir Azhari, Co-founder and CCO at AOMS Technologies.


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