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Mobile Columns

April 23, 2014   By On-Site

Rotary Lifts Mach series mobile columns.Rotary Lifts Mach series mobile columns.

Rotary Lift’s Mach series mobile columns are available in sets of two, four, six and eight columns, with either 13,000 lb. or 18,000 lb. of capacity per column. Using a 12,000 lb. capacity truck frame adapter kit, a pair of 13,000 lb. capacity columns can be used to service Class 2 and 3 pickups, while six 18,000 lb. capacity columns will lift almost anything on the road. Each column in a Mach series lift is identical, so the technician can operate the entire lift from any column, reducing setup time. The control panel features a graphic layout that makes it easy to get the vehicle in the air quickly. www.rotarylift.com

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