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Megawatt generator

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December 5, 2013 by On-Site

Atlas Copcos QAC 1200 1MW generator.

Atlas Copco’s QAC 1200 1MW generator is designed for prime power or critical standby power in construction, mining, oil and gas, and other industrial industries. It features a Cummins QST30G5 diesel engine that is EPA Tier 2 certified and provides 1,140 kVA/912 kW prime power rating (60 Hz). With this fuel efficient, electronically governed engine, the integrated fuel tank provides a minimum run time of eight hours. The QAC 1200 was also engineered with 500-hour service intervals, and with a compact 20-foot container and a spillage-free frame, it offers complete compliance with environmental regulations and efficient transportation. www.atlascopco.com


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