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Maxam adds new size to its 65-series of tires

By Rob Blackstien   

Maxam Tire North America has announced that its MS503 tire now comes in the 875/65R29 size, making it the industry’s only L5 traction tire available in this size.

The MS503 series has been specifically engineered as a long-lasting rugged solution for wheel loaders and underground mining equipment. The tire has an extra deep, open lig L5T traction pattern featuring staggered tread blocks to deliver continuous ground contact for a more comfortable ride.

Its square shoulder design and wide footprint offer maximum stability for harsh off-road applications. Further stability is provided through a reinforced bead, shoulder, and sidewall construction.

Maxam designs this series of tire to deliver the lowest cost-per-hour without sacrificing any performance.

Here’s a look at the tire in action…



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