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Massive rotary drilling rig

By Adam Freill   

Bridges Commercial Construction Equipment Infrastructure

(Photo courtesy of XCMG)

Proclaiming it to be the world’s largest rotary drilling rig, construction machinery manufacturer XCMG has officially rolled the first XR1600E off its assembly line. The machine was designed and put into production with large-scale bridge pile construction and offshore wind power piling projects in mind.

Weighing in at 520 tons, with a height of 42 metres, the model has a maximum drilling diameter of 7.5 metres, a maximum drilling depth of 190 metres, and offers 1,600 kNm of output torque at its power head.

The XR1600E makes use of advanced technologies such as dual-power source cooperative control and the drill pile also features visualized anti-banding rod technology, which is designed to reduce the risk of smashing rods to ensure the safety of piling and foundation operations.

It is expected that the XR1600E will be widely used for cast-in-place concrete piles in projects and is suitable for use in large-scale construction projects, such as cross-sea bridges, offshore wind power farms and high-rise buildings.




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