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Komatsu builds faster boom speed into new PC88MR-11 short tail swing excavator

March 29, 2021   By On-Site Staff

The new PC88MR-11 from Komatsu, a short tail swing excavator with faster boom up/swing speed, is at home in confined spaces and designed to excel at underground utility work or work on tight job sites.

The equipment maker says the machine’s responsive quick arm speed makes excavating and levelling work easier and more efficient.

The PC88MR-11 has a 67.7 horsepower engine, standard high flow auxiliary hydraulics and a standard grading blade. A high-efficiency power package and viscous fan clutch work together to lower overall fuel consumption by up to 13 per cent, Komatsu says.

In-cab, operators have a climate-controlled environment with an air suspension seat, high-res monitor and review camera.

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