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Kinshofer introduces KFX-Series Breakers

By Megan Hoegler   

Construction Demolition


New from KINSHOFER is the KFX-Series of hydraulic breaker excavator attachments.

The 14 models in the KFX-Series offer operators a wide range of weight and power options. The smallest model, the KFX 14, is designed for excavators weighing eight to 15 tons and produces 1,475 foot-pounds (2,000 joules) and 600-900 blows per minute. The largest model, the KFX 200, is compatible with 100- to 200-ton machines and produces 25,815 foot-pounds (35,000 joules) and 150-250 blows per minute.

The KFX-Series breakers include an autolube system that allows direct greasing of the lower bushing and spacer. Air tubes can be added to KFX models for tunnelling and underwater applications. The user attaches an air supply to the connection point on the breaker housing, creating an air cushion that protects from moisture and dust.

KINSHOFER also offers the KSB-Series of breakers for excavators from 0.5 to 12 tons.


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