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KINSHOFER expands excavator attachment lineup with KB-Series hydraulic breakers

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KINSHOFER has expanded its line of excavator attachments with the addition of the KSB-Series hydraulic breakers. The KB-Series encompasses eight models for .5- to 12-ton excavators. The smallest unit, the KSB 1, weighs 155 pounds (70 kilograms) and can complete 900-1,100 blows per minute with 207 foot-pounds (280 joules) of energy per blow. The KSB 12 is the largest in the series at 1,191 pounds (540 kilograms) with 600-800 blows per minute at 1,696 foot-pounds (2,300 joules). All models in the KSB-Series are manufactured as a single piece without tie rods and are equipped with a nitrogen inertial energy recovery system.



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