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International launches MV Series of trucks

By Rob Blackstien   


International Trucks has announced the next generation of its medium-duty vehicles, the MV Series, redesigned for enhanced performance, safety and uptime.

“The new International MV Series features thoughtful design that includes premier safety features, head-turning styling, simplified TEM integration and uptime enhancements,” said Debbie Shust, vice president, Medium-Duty Truck.

The new series has been created to also improve maneuverability and visibility. The line featuring an aerodynamic hood and breakaway mirrors to provide superior visibility for drivers with a restyled bumper and black, molded-in-colour grille with optional chrome surround for fetching aesthetics.

Among its enhanced safety features, the MV Series comes standard with halogen headlights and with a newly introduced LED headlights option designer for longer life and better visibility.


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