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Hyundai, Cummins unveil prototype of fully electric compact excavator

By On-Site Staff   



Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas and Cummins Inc. have unveiled the prototype for a new compact excavator that’s entirely electrically powered.

The collaborative project between the two companies is on display this week at the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Ky.

“Through our collaboration, we have produced an excavator in the highly popular 3.5-ton size class, that we expect to be well received not only in the rental market, but in municipalities focused on ‘green initiatives,’ in urban construction where machine noise can be an issue, and in applications that are exposed to fire hazards,” said Stan Park, vice-president of distribution and marketing at Hyundai Americas, in a statement.

“Hyundai is committed to this type of technology,” Park noted, adding that the new R35E will not be the company’s only electric-powered excavator.

Designed to run for an entire work shift, the new excavator is powered by eight Cummins BM4.4E flexible battery modules (4.4 kWh each). Being electric, it generates no gaseous emissions and is far quieter than diesel counterparts. With battery modules connected in series and mounted near the base of the excavator, the prototype can provide 35 kWh of energy.

The R35E is designed for urban and suburban job sites where noise and emissions are always major concerns.


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