On-Site Magazine

Hitachi upgrades compact wheel loader lineup

By Rob Blackstien   

Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. is now offering the ZW100-6 wheel loader in North America.

This compact model is designed for landscaping, heavy construction, excavation and earthmoving, agriculture, and utility work. The ZW100-6 is small (7m730 kg operating weight), but powerful (101-hp Tier 4F engine).

It features a sizable cab with 360-degree visibility, ride control and onboard technology designed to improve comfort for the operator, thereby increasing productivity.

All the wheel loaders in the Zw-6 lineup come standard with a diesel aftertreatment system, eliminating the issues and costs associated with diesel particulate filter systems. Plus, contractors will benefit from easier fleet management and lower operating expenses thanks to the unit’s onboard technology and advanced telematics system.


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