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High Reach Demo Excavator

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April 22, 2015 by On-Site

Volvo EC380EHR

Volvo’s EC380EHR and EC480EHR high reach demolition excavators include a frame-mounted Falling Object Guard (FOG) and safety windows ensure safer operations when there is a risk of the cab being struck by debris, and rear and side-view cameras provide a complete view of the jobsite at all times. Designed to dismantle, the EC380EHR and EC480EHR are powered by a Tier 4 Final engine. The hydraulically extendable undercarriage can be retracted for ease of transportation. The latest generation of Volvo high reach excavator benefits from improvements to the machine structure and hydraulic system, each optimized to carry heavier attachments, and the maximum pin height has been increased to widen the working range. A micro-mesh screen on the doors and engine cowl keeps out particles and boosts engine performance and full-length track-chain guards prevent sharp objects from lodging in the tracks. It can be equipped with a dust suppression system with a 7.9 gallon-per-minute (30 lpm) hydraulic lifting pump, eliminating the need for a separate solution. Two or four programmable nozzles provide a fine mist that traps dust. These machines feature a hands-on tilt function, with buttons located on the joysticks to allow the operator to easily adjust the angle of the tilting cab without removing their hands from the joysticks, ensuring an unobstructed view of the working area. A total moment indicator warns when the machine is approaching the maximum safe working load. For hydraulic attachments such as breakers, shears, crushers, sorting grabs and tilt rotators, the machine is factory fitted with a wide variety of hydraulic lines to suit these attachments. The attachment management system stores the settings for up to 20 different hydraulic attachments for ease of operation.  www.volvoce.com

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