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High-performance construction excavator

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has introduced its line of Hitachi-built excavators to the Americas with the ZX210LC-6 HP. Targeting the most popular segment of the excavator market, the ZX210LC-6 HP is designed for earthmoving, material handling, demolition, underground excavation, and more. It has an operating weight of 50,265 lb. (22,800 kg), a maximum dig reach of 32’ 7” (9.92 m) and a maximum dig depth of 21’ 11” (6.67 m).

The machine offers a high-power, HP mode, which increases engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque when extra speed and/or heavy-duty work is required. Front attachment speed is enhanced with the use of dedicated pumps for each actuator, with oil flowing separately to the bucket, arm and boom cylinders.

Its TRIAS II hydraulic system has pumps that are controlled electrically for precise oil flow for sensitive front attachment control and lower fuel consumption. The TRIAS II technology minimizes hydraulic system losses by reducing the hydraulic oil returned to the tank. This helps lower fuel consumption in ECO mode without sacrificing productivity.

The ZX210LC-6 HP offers attachment versatility as its two extra spools in the control valve make it easier to install attachments that require large volumes of oil for multiple functions and on models that have two-piece booms.

The excavator’s Isuzu four-cylinder engine provides a net 163.6 HP (122 kW) and features a variable geometry turbocharger that delivers an optimum quantity of air to the combustion chamber under all the engine’s operating ranges. An electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system delivers a precise quantity of pressurized fuel to achieve efficient combustion and reduce fuel consumption. The engine’s combustion chamber now features a DLC coating for reduced wear and the revised piston shape helps achieve cleaner emissions.

The engine uses an electronic governor to maintain a constant speed despite changes to the load. This can reduce fuel consumption and sound output in no-load and light-duty operations. An engine warm-up system automatically increases engine speed in cold weather to quickly warm up the hydraulic oil and coolant to the proper temperature.

The view from the cab is further enhanced with the Aerial Angle peripheral vision display camera system. The operator can select an image to view on the monitor quickly and easily with the flick of a switch. There are three options to choose from: surroundings, rear right, and rear right and left. The surround image offers a comprehensive 270-degree view of the machine’s immediate environment.

A large 7-inch multi-function LCD monitor provides a wide range of useful technical information. It enables operators to check the machine’s status and settings at a glance.

A fully adjustable suspension seat and integrated console gives the operator a greater sense of control and helps to reduce fatigue. Improved sound isolation makes this one of the quietest cabs in the market.




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