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HEPA dust extractors

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

Husqvarna Construction is launching a new range of HEPA dust extractors. Created to compliment projects with grinders, power cutters, drill motors and other light construction equipment, the five dust extractors in the range, including two battery-powered models, are designed to contribute to a healthier working environment and while improving efficiency and productivity.

The HEPA dust extractors feature the company’s e-flow technology and a redesigned filter cleaning mechanism that allows the cleaning process to be done by simply closing the inlet and pressing a button.

All five models in the lineup comply with the latest HEPA standards for heavy-duty dust extractor use and are equipped with EN1822-certified HEPA 13 filters.

The line’s two battery-powered models, the PACE and i-series, offer the same features as corded models, but with the extra convenience of cordless operation.




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