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Heavy-duty excavator

By Adam Freill   


Kobelco Construction Machinery USA offers the SK210LC-11 excavator. Equipped with a Tier IV final Yanmar engine, it delivers 160 net HP and 577 lb-ft of torque at 1,500 rpm. With 32,190 lb. of bucket digging force, 52,740 lb-ft of swing torque, and 51,300 lb. of drawbar pulling force, the SK210LC-11 is designed to deliver digging and operating power.

The excavator has an “Independent Travel” function, which dedicates one hydraulic pump to travel and one to the attachment on a continuous basis. The machine’s 50,000 lb. operating weight provides stability and superior lifting capacity. Like most heavy excavators in the company’s lineup, it has three work modes: Eco, S, and H, for balancing between high performance, economy, and low fuel consumption.

Heavy Lift and Power Boost with unlimited time use add power needed to get through tough conditions. An in-cab hydraulic pressure release function allows customers to change work tools or hoses easily and safely.

For those needing Machine Guidance options, the SK210LC-11 comes with

Pre-installed mounting brackets adapt to multiple brands of providers for both 2D and 3D machine-guidance systems for installation without the need to weld and paint.

Standard features also include a seven-way adjustable heated air suspension seat that moves together with the armrests and hydraulic controls. The right-side jog dial integrates multiple functions into a single user interface with the large 10-inch colour monitor. The hydraulic flow-rate modes of the bucket, breaker, nibbler and rotating grapple are fully adjustable by the operator through the monitor, and the mode settings for other attachments, such as a tilt rotator, can also be easily added or changed.

For safety, a heavy-duty level II overhead top guard is provided as standard and can be tilted open for cleaning. Seven LED lights are also included, to provide additional visibility in low-light conditions.




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