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HCSS HeavyJob productivity software

By Adam Freill   

Construction Labour Software

(Image courtesy of HCSS)

HeavyJob from HCSS is a platform aimed at solving pain points of heavy civil construction operations to enable productivity for key stakeholders in construction projects, from executives and project managers to payroll managers and foremen in the field.

The platform uses clear and comprehensive dashboard reporting to enable consistent, live-time oversight across all projects equipping project managers to access everything they need with one centralized system. Project Managers can analyze the impact of important factors like cost code identification to see issues related to labour, equipment, or material for clear visibility to crew productivity, unexpected changes, weather, and more.

The platform’s forecasting and production planning tools provide actionable data, enabling project managers to quickly run a cost analysis and work with foremen to adjust the production plan to stay profitable.

Along with centralized dashboard reporting, HeavyJob can also streamline timecard and payroll processing. The platform’s timecards track regular, overtime, and lunch break hours so payroll work is dedicated to reviewing and editing timecards instead of entering them, eliminating double entry. It also offers integration with payroll, accounting and ERP systems.

In the field, foremen can use the platform to manage planned work and daily actuals, all from a tablet. This reduces paperwork, minimizes time spent on daily entry, improves communication between team members, and fosters better decision making backed by real-time data. The platform is accessible both in the field and in the office.

Team members can upload daily entries, complete with photos of the jobsite, so each team member is up to date on project happenings.




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