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Hamm earthwork rollers

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Roads

(Photo courtesy of Hamm/Wirtgen-Group)

The newly developed HC series of compactors for earthworks from Hamm is designed to replace the company’s 3000 and H series machines. The manufacturer has developed a uniform platform, offering models with an operating weight from 11 to 25 tons (24,251 to 55,116 lb.) globally. The drum width on all models is 2,140 mm (84.3”). The power of the diesel engine is 85 kW to 160 kW depending on the weight.

With the new frame concept more tank volume is available, allowing the compactors to hold up to 336 litres (88.8 gal) of fuel. Options include the dozer blade in various sales variants and a vibration plate. A new design for the front vehicle and scraper provides increased clearance at the drum over earlier generations of compactors, helping to prevent material accumulations.

Also among the upgrades is a cast articulated joint with articulated joint lock that are engineered for improved steering and swing angle with improved kinematics. The design of the engine hood with a view channel provides a clear view to the rear. An optionally installable 10-way lighting system with LED lights is designed to provide sufficient light in all work situations.

Hamm offers the JDLink telematics system for maintenance and servicing, but also for applications planning. It visualizes the performance data of the rollers in a compact overview in real time. In addition to live data such as fuel consumption, fill levels or engine load, position data, error messages and service intervals can also be called up at any time and from any location.




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