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Genie releases contact alarm prototype for slab scissor, vertical mast lifts

By Jillian Morgan   

Health & Safety

Genie, a Terex brand, has unveiled a prototype of its lift guard contact alarm system. Genie Lift Guard is designed for the company’s slab scissor lifts and GR, GRC and QS vertical masts. This system is an electronic secondary guarding solution that activates when an obstruction makes contact with an activation whisker mounted to the lift’s platform guardrails, alerting operators, occupants and ground personnel to a potential hazard. The standard configuration will include two activation whiskers: one mounted on the front of the platform and one mounted on the rear. A free-movement zone will exist between the activation whisker and guardrail, to allow mobility for operators and occupants after the system is activated. It will go into production late 2018.


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