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Genie introduces lithium-ion option

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment Equipment Technology

Genie has introduced a new zero-maintenance lithium-ion battery option for its GS E-Drive slab scissor lifts.

(Source: Genie)

In response to growing demand for cleaner, quieter, low-maintenance equipment that can withstand the rigors of construction jobsites, Genie has introduced a new lithium-ion battery option for its GS E-Drive slab scissor lifts. Rigorously tested for longevity and reliability — even in extreme environments — the batteries used have been specifically designed for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) and are certified by the independent certification organization Underwriters Laboratory (UL) against fire, electric shock and explosion.

The zero-maintenance battery’s fully sealed IP67 housing protects it from water and dust contamination. Based on extensive testing, the company reports an expected lifespan of about 10 years. Introduced in 2020, the company’s E-Drive scissor lifts are equipped with brushless, fully sealed AC drive motors.

The GS E-Drive lithium-ion scissor lifts are designed to be recharged in four hours, and partial charges won’t damage the battery, allowing operators to charge a lift during breaks or over lunch in the event the machine didn’t get charged the night before, or if it is being used for a second shift.

The lithium-ion-powered scissor lifts can also be retrofitted with flooded lead acid batteries when the unit reaches the end of its useful life.

The lithium-ion battery option is available globally on nearly all GS E-Drive slab scissor lifts, with the exception of the company’s GS-1432m and GS-1932m micro scissor lifts and the GS-4046 and GS-4655 slab scissor lifts.





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