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General Equipment asphalt cutting attachment

By Adam Freill   

Asphalt Construction Equipment

Asphalt cutter designed for use with heavy equipment like backhoes, loaders and dozers for road patching, edging and other tasks.

(Photo courtesy of General Equipment Company)

General Equipment Company’s 130C Cut-R-Tach is designed to handle such asphalt cutting projects as road patching, scoring and edging, and various tasks for pipeline, street, water and sewer applications.

The 130C clamps to most backhoes, tractor/wheel loaders, road graders, dozers and other construction vehicles, without a need of special tools, modifications or adapters. The patented, twin-screw pivot clamp conforms to differences in bucket/blade shapes and sizes and can be used in forward or reverse cutting.

Its 13.5-inch diameter cutting blade capable of producing smooth-sided cuts up to 5.5 inches deep at a rate of 6,000 feet per hour is machined from a special service, heat-treated alloy steel.

Cutting blades can be field replaced without having to disturb bearings or seals. Twin Oilite-type sleeve bearings offer a maximum down-force capacity of 24,000 pounds.




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