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FLIR introduces wireless mobile infrared camera

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated.)

The FLIR One Edge Pro from Teledyne FLIR is a wireless thermal-visible camera for mobile devices that doesn’t need to be physically connected to its companion mobile device. It allows users to conduct thermography inspections, process images and create reports for such applications as building inspection.

The IP54-rated device has a spring-loaded clip designed to allow operators to attach the camera to many types of mobile phones and tablets. Equipped with a combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, users can operate the camera up to 30 metres away from their mobile device, providing the flexibility to inspect hard-to-reach places or for scenarios requiring greater standoff distances to maintain operator safety.

Features include a 160×120 resolution radiometric Lepton thermal imaging camera paired with a visible camera. Along with VividIR, which combines multiple image frames to deliver one sharper, final image, the cameras are brought together via MSX, a patented image enhancement feature that overlays the edge detail of the visible camera onto the thermal image without sacrificing any thermal data within the image, providing greater context and clarity to improve decision support.




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