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Fiber-reinforced repair mortar

By Rob Blackstien   


Industrial coatings manufacturer Carboline has introduced Carbocrete 4010, a new fiber-reinforced repair mortar designed for use on vertical and overhead concrete substrates.

The product is capable of building up to 10 cm thick on vertical surfaces when repairing and resurfacing even badly deteriorated concrete surfaces. Thanks to its quick setting ability, it can be topcoated with linings in as soon as six hours.

“Within water/wastewater infrastructure, concrete is the predominant substrate. In many cases, these concrete surfaces are in desperate need of repair,” said Brian Cheshire, Carboline Market Manager, Water Wastewater.

Carbocrete 4010 features low shrinkage, high bond strength and low permeability, making it perfect for high moisture and underground environments.

Learn more about the product in the video below.


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