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Electric power cutter for concrete

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

(Source: ICS Diamond Tools)

The electric 536-E power cutter from ICS Diamond Tools offers professional-grade cutting capabilities, only now with electric power. Designed to slice through concrete, stone, masonry and ductile iron, the 536-E uses a 4.8 hp motor to deliver industrial cutting capacity while eliminating the need to mix fuel and oil, or maneuver heavy hydraulic hoses. It runs on 220V, making it compatible with most generators. It’s also a quieter tool to use when compared to gas and hydraulic.

Thanks to its lighter weight and ergonomic design, the cutter provides more cutting control and works well for tackling obstructed or small-size openings.

The fume-free is designed to handle deep cutting while delivering square corners and no overcuts and is equipped with a chain-tensioning screw on its back to make it easy to quickly adjust tension during use.




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