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Dynapac CC900S simplifies compaction close to obstacles

March 16, 2021   By On-Site Staff

A “unique” single-arm tandem roller from Dynapac North America makes compaction close to obstacles simpler.

With the front right side of the drum free, the CC900S can effectively compact close to walls, sidewalks and guardrails, the company says. The 2.36-inch offset drum also makes it easier for operators to steer out from those obstacles, eliminating the need of a vibratory plate.

The asphalt roller comes standard with a backup alarm, foldable ROPS, 50-gallon water tank and working lights. Vibration shut-off for front or rear drum is also standard.

The CC900S is included in Dynapac’s 1.2 to 1.6 ton roller range.

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