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Doosan expands mini excavator lineup with new DX62R-3

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March 2, 2020 by Megan Hoegler


Doosan has expanded its mini excavator lineup to include a new DX62R-3 model.

The DX62R-3 model, which offers reduced tail swing for increased maneuverability and accessibility, also features 4.9 inches of side overhang , which allows operators to work in confined areas with more flexibility to maneuver and without sacrificing performance.

Approved attachments and accessories for the DX62R include an angle tilt bucket, a heavy-duty bucket, a ditch cleaning bucket, power tilt coupler, hydraulic quick coupler, wedge lock coupler and hydraulic clamp attachment.

The design builds upon Doosan’s mini excavator platform by adjusting the positioning of the excavator upperstructure to the undercarriage in order to reduce tail swing length. Moving the swing centre forward extends the machine’s digging reach by 11 inches while maintaining the desired machine balance. Reduced tail swing machines require less repositioning when operating, helping the operator work more efficiently.

Designed for customers who need to work within urban environments where space is limited, the DX62R-3 is ideal for a variety of jobs in landscaping, utilities and commercial and residential construction.

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