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DEVELON DD130 dozer

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of DEVELON)

The DD130 is the newest addition to the DEVELON dozer lineup. The new mid-size 145.8-hp dozer is designed for construction, road construction, mining and forestry industries for grading, levelling, site preparation and land clearing.

The DD130 is the next step up from the DD100, the company’s small-size 140-hp machine. It builds on many of the popular features of that machine, but in the 140-hp and over category. Productivity in the new machine is driven by the dozer’s six-way power-tilt angle blade. Operators can lift, tilt and angle the blade to move dirt or other materials. A two-way mechanical adjustment also allows operators to adjust the blade pitch from 52 to 58 degrees to control how steeply it bites into the ground.

The DD130 comes standard with an oscillating serrated track system, designed to provide consistent, stable ground contact for optimal grading performance and operator comfort. Also available is a blade float function for smooth back grading. The dozer blade moves up and down following the contours of the ground. A blade shake button helps operators remove materials stuck to the blade without leaving the cab.

A 2D grading system option is available for precision grading, allowing the operator to program the needed inputs and having the machine control blade functions without the requirement of GPS or lasers. Optional 3D machine guidance and machine control features are expected to be added in the future.

Electrohydraulic controls are standard on the DD130, with an ergonomically designed joystick that offers low-effort control to help reduce operator fatigue. Operators can customize the controls to their individual preferences and skill level.

The DEVELON Fleet Management telematics system is a standard feature. With it, owners can monitor the health, location and productivity of the dozer from a user-friendly mobile app and website. The customer’s dealer can also see the equipment status and notify them when it’s time for service to minimize machine downtime.

A key feature of the dozer is the narrow design of the machine’s front engine compartment, making it easier for operators to see their work. For further visibility and safety, a standard rearview camera provides operators with an additional view of the dozer’s surroundings. Also onboard is a full-colour, eight-inch Smart Touch display and high-illumination LED lights.




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