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Concrete screed with onboard camera

By Adam Freill   

Concrete Construction Equipment

(Photo courtesy of Ligchine International)

Ligchine International’s ScreedSaver Ultra Plus is engineered with an ultra-heavy-duty boom reaching 20 feet and an Ultra Performance 14’ 6” screed head. The machine is powered by a 45 horsepower Kubota turbocharged diesel engine.

It includes selectable four-wheel drive with a two-speed drive range, and four-wheel independent steering for maneuverability and traction, as well as a high-tech elevated operator’s platform, which is outfitted with a captain’s seat, twin joystick controls, and a seven-inch touchscreen control panel. The panel also serves as a display for the integrated ScreedView camera system.

Additional features include a built-in pressure washer for clean-up, two locking toolboxes, and two high-capacity water tanks.

“The development and release of the Ultra Plus marks an important milestone for Ligchine,” said Pete Ligman, Ligchine co-founder and head of Ligchine’s product development efforts. “The Ultra Plus, built to meet increasing productivity expectations and demanding industry specifications, also brings new technology and capabilities to concrete contractors.”

Ligchine CEO, David Ring, added, “The Ultra Plus allows Ligchine to provide a highly productive machine with all-new technology and innovation not currently available on the market. Our dedication to providing solutions to meet contractor needs allows us to keep development focused on impactful innovation.”





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