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Compact wheel loaders

By Adam Freill   

Construction Equipment

Yanmar Compact Equipment offers a line of compact wheel loaders with bucket capacities that range from 0.65 cubic yards to 2.35 cubic yards and lift capacities of 7,451 pound-force to 15,962 pound-force. Travel speeds range from 11.8 mph to 22 mph. Operating weights for the line range from 8,422 lb. to 15,432 lb.

The loaders have intuitive controls, offer fixed travel speed mode and fully automatic accelerator mode, as well as auxiliary hydraulics with proportional control. Operators of all skill levels can easily manage the intuitive, multi-function joysticks.

The V4-7, V8 and V10 models are equipped with electronically controlled, Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engines. The V12 features a Deutz diesel engine that is also Tier 4 Final compliant.

Hydraulic quick couplers allow for fast and easy changing of attachments. Operational efficiency is further enhanced by parallel kinematics on the V8, V10 and V12, which allow operators to lift loads with precision, without the need for constant readjustment of the load angle. As the most compact loader in the line, V4-7 has a z-bar for higher breakout forces, but the machine also features an auto-leveler mode for applications where it is more beneficial to maintain a consistently level bucket.

All models feature two doors for easy entry from either side and maximum ventilation. The machines offer smooth off-road operation thanks to an oscillating rear axle that securely transmits traction force to uneven ground. This keeps the bucket level in operation and reduces operator fatigue.

The V8, V10 and V12 come standard with enclosed cabs. The V4-7 is available in both open- and closed-cab configurations.







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