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Chicago Pneumatic offers small, lightweight submersible pumps

By Jillian Morgan   


Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique has introduced Weda, a range of five dewatering pumps, to the North American market. Included in the range are two drainage pumps (04, 08), two sludge/trash pumps (04S, 08S) and a residual pump (Q4B). The pumps can handle fluid temperatures up to 95F and have a maximum submerged depth of 16 ft. The design of the pump’s outer jacket for cooling and thermo protection aims to keep it running safely under various conditions. The 04 and 08 drainage pumps have a polyurethane semi vortex impeller, a high torque capacitor/motor and a three terminal auto cut. The 250 lb. 04 features a 0.5-hp, 2 in. discharge and maximum flow of 66 usgpm. Weighing 27 lbs, 08 offers 1-hp, a discharge of 2 in. and a maximum flow of 86 usgpm. The 04 is 13.4 in. long compared to 13 in. for the 08. The 23 lb. 04B residual pump features a rubber-coated bottom and a 1-in. outlet with a non-return valve. It can pump down to 1 mm and has a maximum flow of 60 usgpm. The 04S and 08S sludge/trash pumps are designed with a vortex cast iron impeller and triple seal system. Particles and debris of up to 1-in. can go through the pump housing. The 22 lb. 04S offers 0.5-hp and 2 in. discharge with a maximum flow of 71 usgpm. The 29 lb. 08S offers 1-hp and 2 in. discharge with a maximum flow of 84 usgpm. The 04S is 14.6 in. long compared to 16.4 in. for the 08S.


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